Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.Who is Al Sanea Chemical Products?

Established in 1977, primarily intended to manufacture chlorinated isocyanurates for the first time in Gulf in collaboration with Dien Chemie of West Germany. Today, our manufacturing range covers more than one hundred formulations mainly industrial cleansers and a wide range of disinfectants, specifically designed to meet the requirements of almost every industry in the country.

2.What does Al Sanea Chemical Products do?

Manufacturing, Trading and Supply of all types of Industrial & household Chemicals, Laundry, Swimming Pool & Catering Chemicals, Detergents, Disinfectants, Maintenance Chemicals, Oil Field Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, White Spirit, Thinners, Paints, etc..

3.Where is Al Sanea Chemical Products located?

We are located in South Sabhan Industrial Area, Street No. 103, Block No. 8, Plot No. 171. Near to Kuwait Saudi Pharmaceutical, ABC and behind of Kuwait Flour Mills.

4.How do I go about placing a first time order with Al Sanea Chemical Products?

You can contact our sales team and they will allow guide you to make your first order. Other wise you can directly contact our Customer Service at Email:

5.Is Al Sanea Chemical Products’ Quality Management System certified?

Yes, Al Sanea Chemical Products QMS is certified to ISO-9001:2008.

6. Do you have specific cleaning Problems?

We can help - we have more than 37 years experience in the field. The required know-how and the expertise. Our policy is a continuous product development and improvement. We are equipped with laboratory facilities and qualified staff.

7. Can I get samples?

Yes, if necessary & applicable then we can provide samples at free of cost.


Yes if necessary we can arrange we demonstrations. Our sales personnel’s are available for assistance. Formulation of specific chemicals, to meet the requirement of clients are undertaken.

9. Can we see LAB ANALYSIS?

Yes, if necessary we can provide lab analysis certificate.

10.What is Al Sanea Chemical Products doing about the environment?

Al Sanea Chemical Products are committed to continuously reducing the environmental impact from our operations.

11. How do I reach free home delivery of house hold items inside Kuwait?

Dial 67770050 for Free Home Delivery

12.What is the Customer Service department's operating hours?

Customer Service can be reached by phone from 8am-5pm on Saturday To Wednesday and 8 am-1pm on Thursday. Every Friday we are off.

8am - 5pm on Saturday to Wednesday and 8am - 1pm on Thursday.

Every Friday we are off.

For any question and complaint contact our