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Oil production and refining being the backbone of industry in the Gulf region, a large range of specialty products are used for the purification process as well for the corrosion protection of costly refining equipments.

The developments of a series of specialty oil field chemicals by AL SANEA CHEMICAL PRODUCTS in association with reputed European companies contributed largely to the dependence to local industries as well as saving of valuable foreign exchange.

Today AL SANEA CHEMICAL PRODUCTS emerged as a reliable and regular manufacturer and supplier of these range of products to the oil industries. Products ranging from demulsifiers to Oxygen Scavenger (Ammonium Bi Sulphite), corrosion filming inhibitors neutrazing amines and processing chemical etc. were quite satisfactorily used by oil field, during the last several years and continuous laboratory research is going on for the further development of these specialty ranges, used by upcoming new petrochemical industries.