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Maintaining clean vehicles make more sense today than ever. Through normal operations there are several types of problems to which vehicles are subjected such as weather related effects eg. Rust and corrosion, traffic film resulting from exhaust deposites, atmosphere pollutants and oil, gross soiling due to harsh weather etc. There are also a number of factors to consider, for a proper cleaning and maintenance of automobiles such as right chemical product, type of machine used for cleaning, frequency of cleaning etc. To cut the maintenance costs and project a cleaner vehicle which is a reflection of an enhanced image of every individual or company, we have developed a good range of products.

Our product range includes a perfect Radiator coolant developed particularly with a view to reduce the corrosion attach of local Gulf water when used for engine cooling. This product is tested and approved by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and is based on MEG with a superior blend of corrosion inhibitors. Proper maintenance of vehicles ensures a long life for vehicles which is essentially important particularly under increasing cost of vehicles.