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Conventional chlorinating agents such as Sodium Hypochlorite and Calcium Hypochlorite are used for killing pathogenic bacteria in Swimming Pool water, but these have a serious draw-back of decomposing more or less rapidly on exposure to sunlight and in contact with metals such as copper and iron leaving undesirable side products in the pool. In this situation, maintenance of chlorine level becomes increasingly difficult and additional bi-products added in the pool will cause unstabilized pools resulting improper conditioning. In order to over-come these difficulties, isocyanurates were introduced in the market in 1958, which is a concentrate source of chlorine, but with excellent stability and storage life. Isocyanurates are more cost effective due to its controlled nature of chlorine release in the pool water leaving cyanuric acid which acts as a sun screen for chlorine possibly by absorbing ultraviolet radiation.

From the many years experience in Swimming Pool market and our association to solve various problems hi pool water chemistry. Today, we can take care of the needs of a professional pool to the domestic one.

Besides, the complete range of chlorinating chemicals, we do offer our excellent after sales service covering free technical demonstration, routine service reports, assistance in water analysis and attending specific problems of our valued customers.