Among the global chemical manufacturers, chemical suppliers, and retail chemical companies, a vast majority of the share has been accounted for by the Middle East (ME) chemical companies for the past twenty years. Abundant crude oil reserves and natural gas reserves of these regions ensure a continuous supply of the basic elements necessary for the chemical manufacturing companies. Among the top chemical companies in ME, a major contributor to the industry is Kuwait chemical manufacturing companies. Al Sanea Chemical Products company in Kuwait has been pioneer among the chemical manufacturers and chemical suppliers in Kuwait.
Ever since the beginning of chemical product manufacturing in Kuwait Al Sanea has provided its set of innovative manufacturing techniques to the field. Since the founding of the company in 1977, Al Sanea chemicals has been ranked among the top chemical manufacturing companies in Kuwait. The company has proved its expertise as one of the leading cleaning chemical companies and has been entitled as one of the top cleaning chemical companies in Kuwait.
An important aspect of chemical product manufacturing companies globally is to ensure their products are of utmost quality and are easily affordable for the customers. Here at Al Sanea chemical product manufacturing is carried out according to A.S.T.M. Standards. Al Sanea stands out from the manufacturing companies in Kuwait on account of the above factor and has thus secured a unique position for itself among the Kuwait chemical manufacturers.
Al Sanea Chemical Products a major white spirit solvent manufacturer and white spirit supplier in Kuwait

White spirit (UK) also referred to as mineral spirit (US), mineral turpentine, Stoddard solvent, turpentine substitute, petroleum spirit, is a clear, colourless, non-viscous solvent distilled from petroleum and has a characteristic odour. Among the white spirit suppliers, they are also marketed in the names varsol, hydrosol, supersol, spraysol and laws (low aromatic white spirit) based on its industrial applications.
Among the white spirit manufacturers and white spirit suppliers in Kuwait our company is the pioneers in white spirit manufacturing and supplying in the Gulf. Our technology for the white spirit manufacturing is completely unique and patented. Al Sanea Chemical Products predominantly supplies low aromatic white spirit or type 1 white spirit (CAS No: 64742 – 82 – 1). The white spirit in Al Sanea Chemical Products with the saybolt colour +30, has a specific gravity of 0.787 at 20° C and a kinematic viscosity of 1.82 c St. This hydrocarbon solvent is obtained by distilling specific chemicals in the temperature range of 153°-249° C. The product has a flash point at 42° C and aniline point is 63.4. Since our product is type 1 white spirit, the aromatic value is between 15 to 19%.

White spirit is composed of a combination of saturated aliphatic and alicyclic C7 to C12 hydrocarbons and the maximum concentration of alkyl aromatic hydrocarbons (C7 to C12) can be up to 25%. The classification of white spirit into different grades is based on the concentrations of these aromatic hydrocarbons and the various manufacturing processes the petroleum distillate undergoes. Based on the decreasing concentration of these aromatic hydrocarbons they are classified into type 0, type 1, type 2 and type 3. Type 1 is most common in the industry as its the hydro desulfurized (removed of sulfur) form of type 0. This reduced amount of sulphur makes it less toxic and suitable for industrial and household applications. Since Al Sanea Chemical Products Company’s white spirit is type 1 white spirit, the aromatic value is between 15 to 19%. The low concentration of sulphur (<16 ppm) and the negative doctor’s test improvises the quality of the coatings manufactured with our white spirit. The corrosive effect is also low indicated by the corrosion copper strip test and has a value of 1a. The acidity and moisture content in the product is nil. The KB value is in the range of 38% by weight.

What are the uses of white spirit?
White spirit being a good solvent is an essential component in most chemical products and is used by chemical manufacturers for manufacturing paints, varnishes, lacquer, adhesives, printing inks, liquid photocopier toners, bitumen and talc. White spirit at Al Sanea Chemical Products is used as extraction solvent, as a common household cleansing agent, as a degreasing solvent for cleaning machine components, as an aerosol solvent, as a fuel, as a cutting fluid (diamond turning machines), as a wood preservative and as additives in the oils and lubricants. It can be used as an alternative to natural turpentine as it is less expensive, less toxic and is relatively less inflammable.

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