Chafing Fuel

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Chafing Fuel Manufacturer & Supplier

We offer high-quality and environment-friendly Chafing Fuel, for catering & hospitality businesses and home use. 

Whether you run a Catering Company, Hospitality Business or just hosting a birthday party, Chafing Fuel is essential for keeping food warm. They are the quickest, most inexpensive option and are perfect for catered and outdoor events. 

Our Chafing Fuels are environmentally-friendly, deliver high-quality heat for reliable warming, and are odourless too. Each product delivers consistent burn times and offers great value for money. They work to keep food at the required temperature for safe eating without overcooking. They can safely be used indoors too because they do not produce any soot or odour. 

What’s more? They are simple and ready for use right out the box, simply unscrew its top can and place the can on a falt and dry surface or a chafing fuel holder, ignite the wick and effortlessly maintain the flame. 

Another great use for Chafing Fuel is when you are travelling outdoors for camping, with no access to a stovetop. They can be used to reheat food or cook small food items too.

Sercote Flame is a thick non-corrosive jelly. It burns with a slight blueish non-luminous flame, without any smoke or smell. Its high calorific value and non-explosive nature make it ideal for warming food, heating rooms and more. With a 3-hour burn time, this is a must-have for any Catering, Hotel, Hospital, restaurant, Banquet hall and similar businesses.


Sercote liquid flame is a glycol-based solvent, environment friendly, non-hazardous liquid fuel. It burns with a slight bluish non-luminous flame, without any smoke or smell. The best part about this product is that it comes with a 6-hour burning time and an adjustable 3 heat setting, which makes it ideal for warming food in any environment. Perfect for your next party or catering business, or even in hospitality businesses to heat rooms.