Decorative Industrial Paints

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Decorative Industrial Paints

We manufacture and supply best quality Decorative & Industrial Paints all over the world.

The quality of Sercote Decorative & Industrial Paints is well-renowned and exceeds all Kuwaiti and international standards and specifications. We guarantee nothing less than the highest-quality paints, thinners, resins and more through strict quality control in all stages of manufacture.

Our quality department does batch testing to ensure the highest quality of each batch of paint from the production unit. In addition, our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified which ensures that we follow the highest quality management systems and processes.

We have a team of highly trained & qualified professional solution providers, for hands-on customer care and assistance. From the right technical advice, to product information, product training and much more, we offer end-to-end assistance. Sercote paints is available in different colours and features such as antibacterial, epoxy, protective coatings, fire retardant and more.

What’s more? We can customize the packaging to any size requirement, since we are already equipped with reliable suppliers of different sizes and materials for packaging.

Here’s our range of Decorative & Industrial Paints:

Al Sanea Chemical Products

We have a wide range of excellent-quality and durable water-based Emulsion Paints. Our Interior application paints not only provide an excellent finish but also offer protection of surface walls, ceilings, particle boards etc. Our exterior emulsion paints are available in a variety of shades that stay bright and the formulation is specially made to combat the rigours of hot & dry climates. All our paints are available in wide range of attractive shades and finishes from matt to glossy. Here’s our product range:

  • Sercote Emulsion Interior 900 (S) Paint
  • Sercote Emulsion Primer (Acrylate 3004 & Acrylic 3002)
  • Sercote Emulsion Exterior Paint
  • Sercote Emulsion Acrylate 3004
  • Sercote Emulsion Semi-Gloss
  • Sercote Emulsion Acrylic 3002 (Exterior & Interior)
  • Sercote Emulsion Interior & Exterior 901
  • Sercote Emulsion Putty 3000
  • Sercote Binder Sealer / Acrylate Primer
  • Sercote Wall Putty
  • Sercote Emulsion Matt
  • Sercote Bond
  • Sercote Roof Coating Paints
  • Sercote SBR Bond
Al Sanea Chemical Products

We have a wide range of products based on high-quality, high-performance, Alkyd resin. They have many excellent benefits like adhesion resistance, weather resistance and are non-yellowing too. Our heavy-duty high gloss enamels provide protection & decoration for all types of surfaces. They can be used on interior & exterior walls, concrete, wood, steel and more. They also use white spirit – Sercote Turpentine. Here’s our range of superior enamels:

  • Sercote Enamel Under Coat
  • Sercote Enamel Flat
  • Sercote Enamel Semi-Gloss
  • Sercote Enamel Gloss
  • Sercote White Oxide Primer
  • Sercote Lead Oxide Primer
  • Sercote Phosphate Primer
  • Sercote Zinc Cormate Primer
  • Sercote Red Oxide Primer
  • Sercote Enamel Matt
  • Sercote Enamel Putty
Al Sanea Chemical Products

Polyurethane coatings are particularly recommended for application to surfaces subject to high levels of wear-and-tear, where excellent chemical/physical resistance is required. These coatings help protect substrates from various types of defects such as corrosion, weathering, abrasion and other deteriorating processes. Polyurethane paint is suited for automobile, manufacturing and construction industries.

  • Sercote Polyurethane Primer
  • Sercote Polyurethane Undercoat
  • Sercote Polyurethane Clear Sealer
  • Sercote Polyurethane (2 -K) Gloss Paint (Top Coat)
Al Sanea Chemical Products
  • Sercote Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer
  • Sercote -Epoxy Undercoat / Primer
  • Sercote -Epoxy Coat Top Coat Flat
  • Epoxy HB Mio Intermediate Coat
Al Sanea Chemical Products

Epoxy 2000 is a solvent-free, long lasting coating. This two-component Polyamine cures into a high-build coating with resistance to sea water, crude oil abrasion. It can be used on steel & concrete exposed to abrasion, as a lining in fresh water tanks & fuel storage tanks.

  • Sercote epoxy (2 -k) gloss paint (top coat)
Al Sanea Chemical Products
  • Sercote p.U. Clear lacquer (2 – k) (pu clear coat)
  • Sercote Wood Putty
  • Sercote Wood Primer
Al Sanea Chemical Products

We have developed two high-quality long-lasting varnishes for a wide range of applications. We have an Alkyd Varnish Gloss – Based on medium alkyd resin and a Polyurethane Varnish – Based on aliphatic isocyanurates alkyd. Both are non-yellowing, hardwearing gloss, with excellent weather resistance. They can be used on surfaces, wooden furniture, metals and more to protect & decorate

  • Sercote poly urethane varnish
  • Sercote alkyd varnish
Al Sanea Chemical Products

Sercote Thermoshield Paint

Sercote Thermoshield Paint is a highly-durable single component thermal insulating coating which reflects 85% of Solar Heat. It works by preventing heat waves from penetrating the surface and keeping the temperature inside low, as compared to the outside temperature. During peak summer seasons this coating keeps the interior temperature 8-9 degree Celsius lower than the outside. It can help save up to 30% on electricity and air-conditioning bills. It’s best used as an exterior thermal insulating coating for warehouses, sheds, houses, and storage tanks.

Sercote Road Marking Paints


Sercote Fire Retardant Coatings

Fire Retardant Paint Coatings are most frequently used in large scale industrial spaces, commercial complexes, public buildings, warehouses and facilities, to reduce fire propogation. Based on Vinyl acrylate, we have a range of highly-effective fire retardant coatings (Matt) for exterior & interior applications. They are suitable for combustible or non-combustible substrate and are best at reducing the surface burning characteristics.

Al Sanea Chemical Products

It’s a tough & highly abrasion resistant paint for floors and pavements with non-staining properties. It’s quick and easy to install, requiring no layout, cutting additional adhesives, or special tools or equipment. It’s high abrasion-resistance properties make it best when used on flooring for warehouses and industrial applications. It’s gives a hard-wearing durable surface able to withstand heavy and continuous traffic.

Sercote Quick Drying Paints


Sercote Texture Paints (Segma)

Our texture paints have an unmatched quality and give a specialized effect to building exterior surfaces. The paints are based on acrylic copolymer and silica granules. They not only add an aattractive decorative element, but also protect the front surfaces of buildings. They are available in various thicknesses such as 1.5mm, 3 mm, 5 mm and more.

Sercote Roll-Tex Paint

This specialty paint is a mix of acrylic & silica granules. It provides an attractive decoration & long-lasting protection to outer surfaces of buildings.

Al Sanea Chemical Products

Sercote N.C.Paints are made especially to be used for furniture & auto applications. We have a range of products for all types of specialized applications, on all types of surfaces including wood panels, furniture & metals. Our NC Top coat – based on nitrocellulose & non-oxidizing coconut oil resin. These quick dry paints give excellent gloss & colour retention too. Here’s our product range below:

  • Sercote N.C. Primer
  • Sercote N.C. Gloss (Top Coat)
  • Sercote N.C. Clear Lacquer Gloss
  • Sercote N.C. Clear Lacquer Matt
  • Sercote N.C. Clear Sealer
  • Sercote N.C. Matt
  • Sercote N.C. Putty