White Spirit Manufacturer

Floor Cleaning Chemicals Manufacturer in Kuwait

White Spirit, Solvent & Thinners

We are the foremost white spirit manufacturer, as well as makers of excellent quality solvents and thinners.

To ensure high-quality, locally-manufactured White Spirit Solvents, which is extensively used as an additive for paints and alkyd resins, our team of experts painstakingly formulated it using our patented technology. This lead to the development of Kuwait’s first solvents manufacturing plant in 1982. This also makes us the earliest White Spirit Manufacturer in the Gulf.

Later, to meet the demands of the rapidly booming Gulf market, we accelerated our expansion project and established a manufacturing plant with a capacity of 250 metric tons per day. A state-of-the-art facility offering excellent quality solvents, supported by a robust in-house fleet of road tankers for bulk deliveries and drumming facilities. Today, our customer network covers the entire world.

We developed a range of thinners with various applications including a high-gloss acrylic paint thinner with controlled flow characteristics and excellent gloss finish, which meets the requirements of today’s high-tech finishes.

25+ years later, we are still the leading White Spirit Manufacturer in Kuwait.

WHITE SPIRIT An excellent low aromatic mineral spirit for paints, alkyd resins etc., to be used as a thinner for paint.

Sana Solvol- 201 is an excellent high-gloss thinner designed to dilute acrylic lacquer-based paints, used in spray painting.

Sana Solvol – 101 is a nitrocellulose lacquer thinner perfect for giving a high-gloss finishing touch to wood work and can be used as a nitrocellulose base lacquer coating too.

This is our high-performing washout solvent, for inks in the printing industry. It is a carefully balanced solvent mixture in order to clean all types of inks and various types of varnishes. This powerful solvent blends rapidly and effectively removing all traces of ink from mesh, stencils and various printing ink machinery surfaces, without affecting the structures. It can also be used as a thinner of certain types of printing inks.

Sana Solvent 666 is a desludging solvent mixture to soften pitch and residues of crude oil piping systems and storage tanks.

Sana Solvent Cleaner-333 is an excellent multipurpose non-inflammable solvent cleaner with versatile applications for machinery and metal degreasing. Our formula removes all traces of oil and dirt from metal surfaces, leaving them impeccably clean and free of residue.

Sana Solvol-2000 is an excellent and safe solvent for cleaning polyester, alkyd and epoxy resin coatings from various surfaces, particularly useful for the fiberglass industry.

Our Turpentine is a general purpose thinner and brush cleaner that is particularly effective when working with oil or spirit-based paints. It also aids the paint in coating, bonding and penetrating all types of wooden surfaces.

Sana Solvol 103 is a durable Epoxy Thinner. This thinner is perfect for use in the coatings industry to get a smooth bubble-free finish. It has fast-drying, bloom resistant, great gloss, and self-levelling properties when using it with epoxy paints. It is also perfect for a general clean up when using paints.

Sana Solvol 105 is a high-quality polyurethane thinner that is excellent for polyurethane paints. It covers the surface with a hard and durable coating that has high weather & chemical resistance. These coatings also provide excellent gloss and are damage & UV resistant too.

Sercote Paint Stripper is an effective non-flammable, stabilized blend of solvents particularly developed for the cold stripping of paints from machineries, tanks, or engineering components, walls, household fixtures, lifts etc. It is very effective against all types of paints including epoxies and polyurethane.