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Marine Chemicals

Marine Cleaning Chemicals

We have a wide range of powerful Marine Cleaning Chemicals that help cut costs and keep equipment in top shape.

Al Sanea Chemical Products has built an unparalleled reputation in the industry for manufacturing and supplying top quality Marine Cleaning Chemicals.

We have Marine Cleaning Chemicals that meet a wide range of needs, including washing tanks and water treatment processes, degreasers, oil dispersers and more.

All our products comply with even the most stringent global quality standards.

Our products help reduce downtime and maintenance costs, while increasing productivity and longevity of your machines.

Sana Tank Cleaner is a modern low-toxic, biodegradable, solvent based product.

It efficiently cleans fuel oil or crude oil residues from oil tanker carriers and other vessels.

Sana Air Cooler Cleaner is a concentrated liquid solution that easily dissolves soiled oil and grease deposits from air handling systems of turbo engines.

It effectively cleans all deposits which can affect cooling efficiency.

SANA Emulsol is a solvent-based low viscosity liquid emulsifier, designed for cold degreasing.

It provides rapid emulsion separation, which makes it highly effective to remove oil, grease, sludge and other dirt normally present in equipment, plants and other engineering components.

It works as an excellent marine tank cleaner too, for ships that previously carried either crude petroleum products or animal/vegetable oils etc.

Sana Oil Disperser helps combat oil pollution at sea.

Sana Oil Disperser is a water-based medium viscosity liquid with a carefully balanced blend of emulsifiers, formulated to clean oil slicks and also to disintegrate floating oils.

It is low toxic and fully bio-degradable, with no harmful solvents, making it safe for marine life too.

It is qualified as a type-2 dispersant (water-dilutable concentrate) and type-3 concentrate dispersant to be used directly.

Sana Degresol – 300 is a powerful non-flammable solvent degreaser/cleaner designed for cold cleaning operations for various maintenance jobs.

Sana Degresol – 300 is an excellent metal degreaser due to its high solvency power, non-flammable and non-corrosive nature.

It also works as an excellent stripping agent for adhesives, paint, wax, lacquer and other coatings from metal surfaces.

Due to its low surface tension, it is easily penetrating to the blind holes and otherwise inaccessible areas, thus achieving better cleaning efficiency.

Sana Multikleen is an all-purpose liquid deterg­ent to ensure rapid penetration and emulsification.

It can be used to clean everything like walls, floors, glass, porcelain tiles, engine degreasing and also other general cleaning purposes.

It is neutral in composition and does not contain acid or alkali, which means, it will not corrode metal and plastic surfaces.

Sana Kleanall is an all-purpose in-expensive neutral detergent.

It is a powerful blend of cleaning agents which gives excellent “grease-cut” and soil removal on all types of hard surfaces.

This excellent property makes the product particularly effective in removing oil, grease, dirt, wax, hard dirt scales and oil from floors, walls etc., without damaging finishes.