Household Cleaning Chemicals

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Household Cleaning Chemicals

We have a range of high-quality Household Cleaning Chemicals, Disinfectants, Laundry Cleaners, and general maintenance products.

Household cleaning chemicals and products play an essential role in our daily lives at home, be it in the kitchen, laundry or just day-to-day tidiness.

Some problems could be unpleasant smells and rapid bacterial growth, from unwashed utensils to food accumulated on surfaces – which is alarmingly dangerous to health.

Other issues like, cleaning and disinfecting toilets, laundry and more, to personal hygiene, require special attention to keep your family healthy and safe.

To combat these problems effectively, we offer a complete range of household cleaning chemicals and household disinfectants from dishwashing liquids, surface disinfectants, carpet shampoos to a range of domestic laundry products covering, clothes detergents, special care for woollens & abayas to fabric softeners and more.

Our products effectively remove soil, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants, they prevent the spread of infectious diseases and control allergens, such as dust and mould, helping you stay healthy.


Here is a list of our household cleaning chemicals and their uses.

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer

When you don’t have access to soap and water, a Hand Sanitizer is your best option to clean and disinfect your hands. Our product contains ethanol which is known to be very effective micro biocide to disinfect and removes up to 99.9% of disease-causing bacteria & viruses. It disinfects your hands without drying them up.

LIQUID HAND RUB is a strong hand rub containing Alcohol which is known to be very effective micro biocide for hand disinfection.
Contains: 75% Ethanol, 0.5% Chlorhexidine Gluconate with Moisturizer. Manufacturing approved by Ministry of Health

Ready to use fast acting Anti-Virus and Anti-Bacterial Surface Spray
Harmless to humans, animals, food and is environmentally friendly.
Long lasting, odourless, colourless, non-staining and non-corrosive
Directions Hold bottle 30 cm from surface and spray


A universal antiseptic household disinfectant, with versatile applications for personal hygiene, floors, toilets, laundry, household disinfection and more. It can also be used for cuts, bites, insect stings, abrasions and more. It’s a must have product in your bathroom and medicine cabinet.


SANA DISINFECTANT is an all-purpose germicidal detergent sanitiser, formulated to clean, disinfectant and deodorize various surfaces in one operation. Effective to clean your fridge, kitchen use, tabletops, food storage areas etc. It kills many disease-causing bacteria and viruses and is completely safe on skin and low on toxins.


Sana is our best-selling all-purpose disinfectant for complete household use from toilets to kitchen areas, drainages and more. It removes 99% of bacteria and viruses as well as bad odor, thanks to its phenols and xylonols. What’s more? It does not corrode plastic or metallic surfaces and leaves a pleasant pine aroma.


The best, easiest and most effective way to keep yourself safe from falling ill, is washing your hands thoroughly. Shatha Liquid Hand Soap is a mild, antibacterial soap, specially formulated to kill 99% disease-causing viruses and bacteria, while removing all types of dirt, grime and grease too. Our special hand protecting formula keeps your hands soft and supple.


Wadaa Drain Opener easily and effectively removes the toughest blocks due to grease, hair, food materials from your drainage system. It is safe on all pipes and septic systems from kitchen sinks, toilet drains, bathtubs and more.


Marmar scrubbing powder is suitably designed for cleaning and polishing hard surfaces like ceramic, mosaic tiles, stainless steel, aluminium, plastics and fiberglass surfaces and more. It works as an excellent scouring powder for many domestic applications including being a complete kitchen and floor maintenance chemical and a bathroom cleaner. The product also contains small amounts of chlorine which helps to disinfect as it cleans.


MAHAR is a highly effective glass surface cleaner formulated to effectively disinfect and remove dirt, soil, grime, wax and fingerprints and more from glass, aluminium and many other surfaces. It is an ideal cleaner for almost every application such as mirrors, window glass and panels, TV and electric equipment, glass doors, fiberglass fittings, stainless steel, aluminium and plastic surfaces. This high-powered solution instantly removes any contamination with a spray and wipe-off technique, due to its Isopropyl Alcohol content.

DANA is an effective, safe, extra mild, lemon fresh antibacterial washing-up liquid particularly formulated for manual washing of dishes, cutlery, pots, pans and more.  It can also be used as a detergent degreaser for the general cleaning purpose of household applications where a detergent is required to remove stubborn food deposit, oil, grease, dirt etc.  from surfaces like stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, plastic, ceramic tiles, kitchen floors, tabletops etc.

An excellent hard surface cleaner for ceramic, bone china and porcelain surfaces. It instantly removes grout, water scales, rust stains, soap scum from all hard surfaces. Perfect for your kitchen and bathroom tiles, leaves them smelling fresh!

Kitchen Degreaser

The kitchen is the backbone of every home. But it also comes at the cost of stubborn stains, oil residue and an annoying greasy feel on the kitchen utensils as well as burnt food deposits on ovens, grills and more. Sana Degreaser is a carefully balanced mixture of detergents to remove grease and stains while keeping the appearance of your kitchen appliances intact. It quickly cleans of spills, grime, oil residue without producing harmful fumes or residue on the surface. Leaves behind a fresh scent, and high shine.

Our antibacterial hand liquid soap ensures completely clean and disinfected hands, while getting rid of 99.9% viruses & bacteria. It effectively removes dirt, grime and grease, while being gentle on your skin. It also comes with fresh lemon & rose fragrances that linger on.


Woolens and other delicate clothing need special care while washing. Unlike commercial cleaners that harm woolen fibers and cause color bleeding as well as garment shrinkage, Soof cares for your garments. Formulated especially for your woolens, sweaters, cashmere, nylons, ladies abayas, and other delicate fibers. It protects them and keeps them looking as good as new.


Mass Liquid is our special formula designed to efficiently clean and descale toilet bowls, urinals, bathroom fixtures and more. It also removes yellow stains from bowls, tiles and ceramic surfaces. It brightens copper and brass fittings and works as an excellent descalant, which makes it perfect for cleaning bathroom tiles, bathtubs, fixtures, tabletops, kitchen area, floors, walls, etc. It also contains chlorine which helps to disinfect the surfaces too.


Ribla is a highly active fabric softener and brightener, specially designed to make your clothes soft, smooth and anti-static. Our special formula helps neutralize static electricity from garments developed during the washing cycle, thus making the clothes velvety soft, bouncy and easier to iron. The best part, it leaves an irresistibly fresh fragrance in all your laundry.

Barq (Oxy Action Extra Hygiene) powder removes all types of stains, even the tough ones, and also kills 99.9% of bacteria. This oxy bleach is an effective way to give original appearance to the fabric either coloured or cotton white. The active oxygen in this formula acts as a oxidizing and bleaching agent, thus, particularly changing the dull look to a brighter effect. Add scoop of Barq oxy action extra hygiene powder to all your wash loads to see great stain removal results. Removing stains and bacteria from your clothes and other fabric is easier.


Sanitex is our revolutionary detergent for domestic laundry. It is a powerful cleaner, yet extra-mild on your clothes, which guarantees zero damage to even delicate items. It is mild enough to be used to wash baby clothes as well as expensive fabrics. Sanitex removes tough stains and grime, keeps clothes clean and bright.

SANA PINE-O-LITE is an all-purpose disinfectant suitable for walls, floors, drains, sinks, toilets, etc.. for institutional as well as industrial use, offices, public buildings, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, homes or anywhere you require a high degree of sanitation. The added phenols and xylonols destroys bacteria and removes bad odour. It does not corrode plastic or metallic surfaces, and leaves a pleasant pine aroma.


Our unique foam carpet shampoo, is based on a polymer and high foaming detergent. It is different from conventional detergent-based carpet shampoos, to help fight the toughest of stains. It coats your carpet with a thin transparent film after shampooing that protects it from further soiling.

Chlorasan is a liquid bleach-based solution with active chlorine, which is a powerful oxidizing agent with outstanding biocidal properties. It can be used to disinfect your toilet, kitchen floor, drainage, pet shelters and more.

Sana is a highly active fabric softener and brightener formulated to keep your clothes soft, smooth and bouncy. Suitable and gentle on all types of fabrics, including delicate silks and satins. It protects your clothes and infuses them with a pleasant aroma too.

Fresh Air is a powerful room freshener & deodorizer. Use it in any space that needs to be freshened up, like rest rooms, closets, living rooms, animal kennels, cars and more. What’s more? Fresh Air is environment friendly and comes in 4 different perfumes, White Flower, Blossom & Guava, Redpoppy and Realbouquet.

During operation, water goes through chemical reaction and breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen gas. Battery water is used to dilute acid lead acid in battery that is required for the flow of electricity in the battery.

During operation, water goes through chemical reaction and breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen gas. Battery water is used to dilute acid lead acid in battery that is required for the flow of electricity in the battery.SANA CAR SHAMPOO is a water based biodegradable product containing anionic detergents. SANA CAR SHAMPOO has been specially made for the external cleaning of vehicles

Sana fresh is a specially developed, Eco-friendly product to eliminate many unpleasant odours from rooms and carpets. It is totally safe to use and will create a fresher smelling environment.

Aluminium Cleaner

SANA ALUMINIUM CLEANER is an ideal cleaning solvent suitably designed for the effective cleaning of aluminium and other metal parts. Soft metals like aluminium, magnesium and its alloys normally will not withstand harsh chemicals like acids, alkalies etc. and its surfaces gets easily damaged due to the chemical corrosion. In these instances SANA ALUMINIUM CLEANER is a useful solvent with good solvency properties for cleaning of interior and exterior parts of metal fixtures and fittings.

SANA CAR SHAMPOO is a water based biodegradable product containing anionic detergents. SANA CAR SHAMPOO has been specially made for the external cleaning of vehicles


SANA CARPET EXTRACTION CLEANER is specially designed for the cleaning of carpets on industrial scale and to prevent the cleaned carpets from resoling. It is based on a surface modified polymer with excellent cleaning properties

ChemicalsMulti kleen

SANA MULTIKLEEN is an all-purpose liquid deterg­ent containing strong anionic detergents and wetting agents in order to ensure rapid penetration and emulsification . It has a versatile application for cleaning operations of walls, floors, glass, porcelain tiles, engine degreasing or other general cleaning work etc

Sana acid clean

SANA ACID CLEAN is specially designed low foaming hard surface cleaner suitable for removal of dirt, stain, water scale deposits or cement patches etc. from ceramic tiles, china or porcelain surfaces. It is an excellent all-purpose brightener-cleaner liquid which finds application for finishing work of newly built buildings, plants, hospital floors, institutional and industrial floors etc.

SANA ALGAECIDE LIQUID is a strong algae depressant fully compatible with alkalizing and flocculating agents normally used in swimming pools. Algae growth is the main cause of colour in swimming pool water. Routine and weekly additions of SANA ALGAECIDE LIQUID establish a buffer action against temporary loss of chlorine which, particularly during hot sunny weather, leads to conditions favouring very rapid algae growth. If allowed to develop unchecked, algae can grow very quickly causing greatly increased chlorine demand.


SANA KLEANALL is an all-purpose inexpensive neutral detergent. Its powerful blend of cleaning agents gives a good “grease-cut” and soil removal on hard surfaces. This excellent property makes the product particularly effective in removing hard dirt scales and oil from floors, walls etc., without damaging any finishes.

Chlor 90

Sanitizer for swimming pool, spa, septic tank. Raw material for industrial detergent and bleach

SANA ENGINE COOLANT is an anti-boil, antifreeze and an anti-corrosion unique formulation particularly developed for middle eastern applications, incorporating a very effective combined corrosion inhibitor package thereby protecting the costly vehicles from corrosion as well as burst protection in winter. The product is formulated with mono ethylene glycol so as to obtain a low freezing temperature; therefore, under normal winter conditions in the region, car cooling system will be safe.

ZOMOROD liquid is a powerful but low foam liquid detergent cleanser suitably developed for use in automatic dishwashing machines. It removes instantly heavy soil loads Packing

25 Liter such as food waste, soil deposits, cooking oil or fatty dirt from dishes, plates, crockery and kitchen utensils. The alkaline ingredients saponifies the cooking oils and the detergent ensures through wetting properties.


SANA RUST REMOVER is a cleaner and surface modifier for mild steel, carbon steel, cast iron, copper, brass and aluminium. SANA RUST REMOVER can be applied by brush or sponge, roller or spray (airless – for spraying always use plastic spray machines recommended for this purpose) on surfaces to be cleaned and allow to dry.

Sana Starch

SANA LAUNDRY STARCH is a free flowing powder, suitably designed to provide high penetration combined with good flexibility and strength to obtain excellent finish for laundered linen. It imparts a “fresh-crisp feel” to the fabric and resists resoling of clothes to some extent.

Sana Sour

SANA SOUR – RSR is a carefully blended laundry sour to be used as a final rinse additive in laundry washing cycle to prevent galling and alkaline deposits on laundered garments. It works well as a iron and stain remover, due to blood or rust contamination on cloth, which is normally ineffective to chlorine bleach. It contains suitable brighteners which impart excellent colour to the washed fabrics.

Sana Soap

SANA SOAP is a fully built synthetic laundry detergent powder having versatile applications for laundry work. It is ideal for hospital laundries, hotels, institutional and private laundries. It is effective at low temperature with both hard and soft water.

SANA SAFE is a mild alkaline laundry detergent suitably designed for washing delicate and colored clothes. It does not contain any phosphates and has been substituted by zeolite which improves the calcium ion up taking capacity, better cleaning efficiency, higher liquid surfactant loading capacity and stability


SANA LIQUID LAUNDRY EMULSIFIER is specially designed neutral formula for the effective removal of grease and stains from cottons, cotton polyester blends etc. It is particularly useful for laundering of oily table linens, greasy shop towels, table wipers, napkins and similar cooking oil stained clothes etc. in commercial, institutional or domestic laundries.

Sana Bright

SANA BRIGHT is a advanced laundry chemical formulation incorporating zeolites as a replacement to phosphate in order to achieve better environmental safety. Zeolites is having excellent calcium ion up taking capacity at low temperatures thereby softening the water considerably to obtain better detergency properties

Sana Bleach

SANA BLEACH is a carefully selected formulation on organic dry bleach, particularly effective for removing heavy and trouble-some stains from cotton and linen fabrics. Unlike, hypochlorite bleaches which works on few seconds explosive action, SANA BLEACH due to its Isocyanate structure, releases a high quantity of chlorine in a controlled steady fashion covering the entire bleaching operation, thus giving an excellent result without the hazard of over bleaching

Al Sanea Chemical Products

Amber is our extra mild hand washing liquid, with a fresh lemon scent. Its antibacterial formula kills 99% disease-causing viruses and bacteria while removing all types of dirt, grime, and grease too. Our special hand protecting ingredients keep your hands soft and supple.

Al Sanea Chemical Products

Blue Gold is an environment-friendly all-purpose cleaner for your house. It is a safe and effective cleaner for furniture, upholstery, fabrics, fixtures, tables, door panels, walls, tiles, marble floor, fiberglass bathtubs, vinyl, plastic, metal surfaces and more, expect glass surfaces. The product is a useful and versatile cleaner for every cleaning job in and around the home.


Sercote Flame is a thick non-corrosive jelly. It burns with a slight blueish non-luminous flame, without any smoke or smell. Its high calorific value and non-explosive nature make it ideal for warming food, heating rooms and more. Perfect for your next party or catering business.


Sercote liquid flame is a glycol-based solvent, environment friendly, non-hazardous liquid fuel. It burns with a slight bluish non-luminous flame, without any smoke or smell. This makes

it ideal for keeping food warm for longer. Perfect for your next party or catering business.


Nail Polish Remover

Sana Nail Polish Remover is a high-strength professional grand formula that easily removes nail polish as well as nail glue. We have added lanolin moisturizers to protect nails and keep them healthy and strong. The moisturizers also help reduce the amount of moisture loss to reduce splitting and breakage.

Nail Polish Remover Wipes

With Sana Nail Polish Remover Wipes you can easily remove nail polish, anywhere, anytime. Each wipe contains an acetone-free formulation for effective removal of nail polish, even of the darkest shades. We have added lanolin moisturizers to protect nails and keep them healthy and strong. The moisturizers also help reduce the amount of moisture loss to reduce splitting and breakage.


Cuddel's n bubbles

Washing babies clothing need a special gentle touch. Our 3-in-1 formula is a Detergent, Softener and Antistatic product made especially for baby clothes. It protects the fibers to make garments and linens last longer. Its exceptionally gentle, hypo-allergenic formulation ensures that your baby doesn’t get rashes or allergies.


Tender Nose Wipes are made to be gentle on baby’s skin. These soft and absorbent baby nose wipes are especially formulated to keep your baby’s nose clean, moisturized and unblocked, using a combination of natural saline solution and unique blend of natural oils, plus Vitamin E.

Baby Bloom

Baby Bloom Wipes are perfect to wipe up all kinds of drools, dribbles, tushies or whenever you need to clean your baby’s sensitive skin. Gentle enough for intimate areas or dirty faces, these wipes are must have when you are out and about. They are 100% alcohol free, enriched with Vitamin E & Aloe Vera and made of 99% purified water.