Markets We Serve

Markets We Serve

We are one of the leading chemical manufacturersandwholesale distributors of chemicals and household cleaning products. At Al SaneaChemical Products, we cater to a wide array of markets and strive to be a one-stop-shop for high quality and reasonably priced industrial chemicals and domestic cleaning products.

Being one among the renowned distributors of chemicals for both household and industrial cleaning purposes, we not only offer a wide range of top quality chemical supplies and cleaning products, but also provide unrivalled handling expertise to help our customers get the best possible results.

Here is a comprehensive list of our target markets:

  • Oil Production Operations
  • Petroleum Refining Companies
  • Oil Drilling & Chemical Cleaning Services
  • Oil Servicing & Well Maintenance Companies
  • Fabrication and Industrial Manufacturing Companies
  • Workshop & Garages
  • Industrial & Institutional Laundries
  • Swimming Pools and Health Clubs
  • Cleaning Companies & Contracts
  • Household Consumer Cleaning Operations
  • Catering Companies and Hotel Chains
  • Fish and Meat Processing Industries
  • Vehicle Maintenance Garages and Car Washing Stations
  • Military Vehicle Maintenance Operations
  • Aircraft Cleaning and Aviation Services
  • Interior and External Painting Contracts
  • Specialty Decorative Coating Works
  • Energy Conservation Units and Insulation Works

Our International Markets

Our experience since 1977 in the export business has allowed us to gain full understanding of our customers/market needs, within more than 32 countries. With our current facilities we can handle many orders and prepare all the relevant documentations required for exporting on time. We also offer our customers shipping rates to any destination upon request.

  • Europe – Italy, Germany, France,
  • Middle East – Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, U.A.E, Muscat, Lebanon, Turkey
  • Asia – Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka,
  • Australia
  • Africa – Egypt,
  • America