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Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Chemicals to combat corrosion due to weather influences.

Higher energy cost, decreased efficiency, expensive time-consuming frequent repairs and replacement of equipment are all the result of scale accumulation and aggressive attacks by cooling water. If left insufficiently treated with the right Water Treatment Chemicals, then corrosion, scaling, fouling are the major problems in cooling water systems that can damage the entire system.

The primary objective of cooling water treatment is to maintain a better heat transfer efficiency of cooling system, imparting protection to the whole plant from corrosion and destruction. This corrosion problem becomes so severe especially in cooling systems, due to the extremely attacking nature of regional water.

Extensive research and field tests resulted in the development of this range of Water Treatment Chemicals. The right solution for a critical problem of corrosion control. With a team of professionals who can put the system into work, supported with technical back-up service and laboratory testing facilities.

Sana 25 is a multi-component corrosion inhibitor based on molybdate, for cathodic and anoidic corrosion control. It is ideal for open cooling water systems, chilling units, air-conditioning units etc., particularly developed for Middle East water.

Sana 50 is a non-chromate corrosion inhibitor system for closed systems. It prevents corrosion of metals with a single product treatment.

Al Sanea Chemical Products

Sana Descaling Powder is an inhibited powder acid for effective descaling of water scales and carbonate deposits from pipelines. It is a non-volatile, non-hygroscopic odourless powder, thoroughly tested as a safe descaling agent without affecting most metals like iron, mild steel, carbon steel or stainless steel etc. It is excellent for copper piping.

Sana Descaling Liquid is an inhibited acid to remove water scales and corrosion from pipelines and processing equipment. Our formula forms a protective film is on the cleaned metal surface, shielding it from further acid attack. It is non-volatile acidic formula suitably inhibited to control the attack of acid on all metals except zinc, aluminum and magnesium.

A wide range of products suitable for your needs Scale inhibitors prevent the precipitation of inorganic solids from supersaturated water, which is co-produced with most hydrocarbons during oilfield operations. Typical scales are calcium carbonate and barium sulfate, but a broader range of inorganic salts also can be observed, depending on the reservoir conditions and production regime.

Our range of scale inhibitors includes products for all typical scales, as well as for many exotic scales. They are suitable for use in a broad range of applications, temperatures and salinity.

Other scale inhibitors in our range are used for topside injection, umbilical injection and squeeze. We also produce a number of green-hybrid polymers, as well as a variety of methanol-tolerant inhibitors for cold-climate formulation.

We have assessed the performance of our specialized scale inhibitors under a series of standard conditions to give indicative performance and provide indicative physical property characteristics for these materials.

These Corrosion Inhibitors for Oil Refinery products enhance the efficiency of crude oil by decreasing the corrosion rate. These Corrosion Inhibitors for Oil Refinery products are tested at various stages to ensure superior quality and flawless performance. Its features are minimum side effects, international quality, and food grade material.

We are the manufacturer and exporter of Corrosion Inhibitor for Pipelines.

We are the manufacturer and exporter of Corrosion Inhibitor for Acid Job. During acidization, a wells tubular would be eaten away if it weren’t for special chemicals called inhibitors. Pumped downhole with the acid, these offer substantial protection against acid corrosion. Until recently, the action of inhibitors was poorly understood. Now, through a series of elaborate surface-chemistry experiments, researchers are beginning to unravel the complex protection process. Their discoveries have already lead to a new class of inhibitors that offer better protection, particularly in hot wells.

A complete microbial protection from a range of biocides to offer when the Hydrocarbon reservoirs come in contact with external forces the biological contamination starts. To protect the reservoirs from the bacterial contamination and avoid the degradation of crude quality the use of different types of biocides and preservatives are required in the oilfield operations at different stages. Al Sanea Chemical Products offers a wide range of biocides based on various chemistries which are highly useful to control/curb the microbial activities. The products are mainly required in drilling, well stimulation and crude production and processing. Al Sanea Chemical Products offers extensive range of products which also includes preservatives for the drilling fluids and starches.

Al Sanea offers a complete line of water- and oil-soluble hydrogen sulfide scavengers that can be applied via continuous injection or through batch treatments. The benefits include improved safety due to reduced hydrogen sulfide content; Meet contract sales limit for H2S content; Removal of H2S gas from process systems, thereby reducing corrosion; Easy removal of reaction products from process systems; and Maintain asset integrity and reduce the need for replacement equipment.

Oxygen scavengers are important during the drilling and production process of oil. They help capture the dissolved oxygen in a harmless chemical reaction that renders the oxygen unavailable for corrosive reactions. These are critical in applications in which fluids are to be circulated in the oil wellbore.