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Cleaning Chemicals for Catering HotelPreparation Units

We offer high-quality cleaning chemicals for CATERING hotels, restaurants and commercial kitchens, to keep your food preparation areas clean and sanitary.

Whether you operate a restaurant, catering business, or hotel, cleaning chemicals are crucial to maintaining a sanitary environment to avoid the possibility of food contamination. Good hygiene not only ensures the health and safety of your workplace but your workforce too.

We have designed a complete package of sanitation and cleaning chemicals for hotel kitchens, canteens, fast food chains, and other catering units. It includes everything ranging from automatic dishwashing chemicals to germicide and odour control chemicals, covering a variety of housekeeping needs too.

We don’t just manufacture and supply these products, but have a team of experts who will support you with on-site demonstrations, product usage training, after sales service, technical support service reports, routine visits, free installation and more. Our cleaning chemicals and dispensing equipment are state of the art and economical too.

Your hunt for exceptional cleaning chemicals for hotel kitchens and food preparation units, ends here.

Zomorod is a powerful liquid, safe for use in automatic dishwashing machines. It instantly removes heavy deposits like food waste, cooking oil and other fats from dishes, plates, crockery and kitchen utensils. It is safe enough to also be used to clean baby bottles and more.

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Sana Destainer is a specially formulated Oxygen Bleach to destain stainless steel, plastic, chinaware and more. Unlike conventional chlorine bleach, Sana Destainer does not corrode plastic or ceramic glazes. It uses oxygen to effectively remove coffee, tea and other stains safely, without affecting the surface.

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SANA GLOSS DRY is a final rinse detergent which eliminates spots and streaks that could appear after dish washing, to get an extra gloss on crock­eries, utensils and more. It dries up into a spot & streak free finish.

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Sana Silver Cleaner makes cleaning Silverware easy and quick. It not just cleans but also polishes and removes dirt embedded in fine embossed designs, which can be hard to clean otherwise. It is a one dip solution that removes tarnish without damaging your expensive silverware.

Kitchen Degreaser

The kitchen is prone to stubborn stains, oil residue and an annoying greasy feel on the kitchen utensils as well as burnt food deposits on ovens, grills and more. Sana Degreaser is a carefully balanced mixture of detergents to remove grease and stains while keeping the appearance of your kitchen appliances intact. It quickly cleans of spills, grime, oil residue without producing harmful fumes or residue on the surface. Leaves behind a fresh scent, and high shine.

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Amber is our extra mild hand washing liquid, with a fresh lemon scent. Its antibacterial formula kills 99% disease-causing viruses and bacteria, while removing all types of dirt, grime and grease too. Our special hand protecting ingredients keep your hands soft and supple.


Marmar scrubbing powder is suitably designed for cleaning and polishing hard surfaces like ceramic, mosaic tiles, stainless steel, aluminium, plastics and fiberglass surfaces and more. It works as an excellent scouring powder for many domestic applications including being a complete kitchen and floor maintenance chemical and a bathroom cleaner. The product also contains small amounts of chlorine which helps to disinfect as it cleans.


Quat Disinfection Agent is a sterilizing agent effective for both gram positive and gram-negative bacteria. It is non-toxic to humans and animals in concentrations recommended for bacterial control process. This makes it perfect for use in food processing units. Our potent formula contains the active ingredient Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride, which is best known to inhibit bacterial growth as well as various pathogens in just 5 minutes, when used correctly.


Sana Pine Disinfectant is our best-selling all-purpose disinfectant for complete household use from toilets to kitchen areas, drainages and more. It removes 99% of bacteria and viruses as well as bad odor, thanks to its phenols and xylonols. What’s more? It does not corrode plastic or metallic surfaces and leaves a pleasant pine aroma.

ChemicalsMulti kleen

Sana Multikleen is an all-purpose liquid deterg­ent to ensure rapid penetration and emulsification. It can be used to clean everything like walls, floors, glass, porcelain tiles, engine degreasing and also other general cleaning purposes. It is neutral in composition and does not contain acid or alkali, which means, it will not corrode metal and plastic surfaces.


Sana Kleanall is an all-purpose in-expensive neutral detergent. It is a powerful blend of cleaning agents which gives excellent “grease-cut” and soil removal on all types of hard surfaces. This excellent property makes the product particularly effective in removing oil, grease, dirt, wax, hard dirt scales and oil from floors, walls etc., without damaging finishes.

Chlorasan is a liquid bleach-based solution with active chlorine, which is a powerful oxidizing agent with outstanding biocidal properties. It can be used to disinfect your toilet, kitchen floor, drainage, pet shelters and more.

Our antibacterial hand liquid soap ensures completely clean and disinfected hands, while getting rid of 99.9% viruses & bacteria. It effectively removes dirt, grime and grease, while being gentle on your skin. It also comes with fresh lemon & rose fragrances that linger on.

Mass Liquid is our special formula designed to efficiently clean and descale toilet bowls, urinals, bathroom fixtures and more. It also removes yellow stains from bowls, tiles and ceramic surfaces. It brightens copper and brass fittings and works as an excellent descalant, which makes it perfect for cleaning bathroom tiles, bathtubs, fixtures, tabletops, kitchen area, floors, walls, etc. It also contains chlorine which helps disinfect the surfaces too.


A universal antiseptic disinfectant, with versatile applications for personal hygiene, floors, toilets, laundry, household disinfection and more. It can also be used for cuts, bites, insect stings, abrasions and more. It’s a must have product in your commercial kitchen for all-round disinfection.


MAHAR is a highly effective glass surface cleaner formulated to effectively disinfect and remove dirt, soil, grime, wax and fingerprints and more from glass, aluminium and many other surfaces. It is an ideal cleaner for almost every application such as mirrors, window glass and panels, TV and electric equipment, glass doors, fiberglass fittings, stainless steel, aluminium and plastic surfaces. This high-powered solution instantly removes any contamination with a spray and wipe-off technique, due to its Isopropyl Alcohol content.


SANA DISINFECTANT is an all-purpose germicidal detergent sanitiser, formulated to clean, disinfectant and deodorize various surfaces in one operation. Effective to clean all types of surfaces from floors, table tops, walls and more. It kills many disease-causing bacteria and viruses and is completely safe on skin and low on toxins.

An excellent hard surface cleaner for ceramic, bone china and porcelain surfaces. It instantly removes grout, water scales, rust stains, soap scum from all hard surfaces. Perfect for your kitchen and bathroom tiles, leaves them smelling fresh!


Sadaf is our unique dry foam carpet shampoo, is based on a polymer and high foaming detergent. It is different from conventional detergent-based carpet shampoos, to help fight the toughest of stains. It coats your carpet with a thin transparent film after shampooing that protects it from further soiling.


Wadaa Drain Opener easily and effectively removes the toughest blocks due to grease, hair, food materials from your drainage system. It is safe on all pipes and septic systems from kitchen sinks, toilet drains, bathtubs and more.

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Sana Upholstery Cleaner is an all-round upholstery cleaner for leather, resin, PVC and other synthetic upholstery surfaces.  It removes the dirt from the root of the upholstery, which makes it easy to vacuum or brush off the residue after drying.


Sana Carpet Extraction Cleaner is specially designed to clean large scale carpets in the hospitality and other industries. It has excellent stain removing and dirt cleaning properties. It also protects the cleaned carpets from re-soiling since it leaves no tacky or hygroscopic residues. This perfect product keeps carpets looking and smelling fresh!


The best, easiest and most effective way to keep yourself safe from falling ill, is washing your hands thoroughly. Shatha Liquid Hand Soap is a mild, antibacterial soap, specially formulated to kill 99% disease-causing viruses and bacteria, while removing all types of dirt, grime and grease too. Our special hand protecting formula keeps your hands soft and supple.

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer

When you don’t have access to soap and water, a Hand Sanitizer is your best option to clean and disinfect your hands. Our product contains ethanol which is known to be very effective micro biocide to disinfect and removes up to 99.9% of disease-causing bacteria & viruses. It disinfects your hands without drying them up.

DANA is an effective, safe, extra mild, lemon fresh antibacterial washing-up liquid particularly formulated for manual washing of dishes, cutlery, pots, pans and more.  It can also be used as a detergent degreaser for the general cleaning purpose of household applications where a detergent is required to remove stubborn food deposit, oil, grease, dirt etc.  from surfaces like stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, plastic, ceramic tiles, kitchen floors, tabletops etc.


Sana Quat is a powerful sterilizing and disinfecting agent ideal for use in hotels, food processing units, laundries etc., wherever high sanitation is required. The strong bacteriostatic properties of Sana Quat inhibit bacterial growth. Our powerful formula is non-toxic and hazard free, which makes it completely safe to use in food processing industries. Apart from disinfecting, it also eliminates bad odours due to the presence of bacteria. Sana Quat has got excellent hard water resistance and can be applied in a wide pH range, even in weak alkalis.

Sana fresh is an eco-friendly product to eliminate many unpleasant odours from carpets and rooms. It is totally safe to use and will create a fresher smelling environment.

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SANA DP-3 (LIME AWAY) is a mild descaling liquid designed to remove lime, food films and scale from metallic and plastic surfaces in food processing operations.  It can be used in de-liming dishwashing machines, steam tables, cleaning stainless steel and aluminium equipment, floors, shower stalls, tiles, walls and more. It does not corrode plastic, metal or any other surfaces, if used as directed.

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Sana Lubrasoft is a synthetic soap with special lubricating agents to ease lubrication in the extrusion process of pipe manufacturing. Lubrasoft is also a good wetting and mold releasing agent. It also plays an important role as a processing aid in the fiber glass pipe industry.

Chaffing Fuels

Sercote Flame is a thick non-corrosive jelly. It burns with a slight blueish non-luminous flame, without any smoke or smell. Its high calorific value and non-explosive nature make it ideal for warming food, heating rooms and more. Perfect for your next party or catering business.


Sercote liquid flame is a glycol-based solvent, environment friendly, non-hazardous liquid fuel. It burns with a slight bluish non-luminous flame, without any smoke or smell. This makes it ideal to keep food warm for hours. Perfect for your next party or catering business.